36 Days of Type – Submissions by Stefan Hürlemann

Monochromatic design submissions by Stefan Hürlemann for the international project 36 Days of Type.

Stefan Hürlemann is a young graphic designer from Lenzburg, Switzerland who likes to experiment with many different styles and media. In order to get some new ideas, he recently participated in the 36 Days of Type project, an international initiative that encourages graphic designers, illustrators, and digital artists from around the world to express their creativity through letters and numbers. Please read more below.

36 Days of Type – design submissions by Stefan Hürlemann.
36 Days of Type – design submissions by Stefan Hürlemann.

For his contribution, Stefan Hürlemann had decided to use only a monochromatic color palette consisting of different gray gradations, which gives his designs a bit of stringency. On the other hand, his diverse representations of letters and numbers of our alphabet show a wide range of graphic and abstract interpretations. He used a lot of different applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and Cinema4D. A few examples can be found below. For more, please visit his website and portfolio on Behance or follow him on Instagram.

Stefan Hürlemann’s interpretation of the letter “A” is a playful take on motion and animation.
The letter “B” has been designed using different shades of grey to simulate shadows.
The “F” is based on a very graphical representation.
The “H” is an experimental take on simple lines on a dark background.
From a uniform hue to simple lines, this is the representation of the letter “M”.
Minimalist and modern, this is the design of the letter “W”.
The “X” has made of different overlapping rectangles.
The “Y” is based on a very artistic and abstract solution.
Numbers from 0 – 9.
All numbers from 0 – 9.

All images © by Stefan Hürlemann. Feel free to find more exceptional and highly creative work in our Graphic Design category. The section includes a wide range of projects created by both emerging and leading designers and agencies from all over the world.


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