36 Days of Type 2017 – Third time lucky – Submission by Andres Avila.

Andres Avila is a Maracaibo, Venezuela based brand designer and illustrator with an affinity for complex graphics and typography. In 2017, he has participated for the third time in the 36 Days of Type project. In contrast to the previous years, in 2017 he has managed to finish the project with all letters and numbers. That’s why he decided to call his 2017 project “Third time lucky”. Over the span of 36 days, he has created graphically abstract interpretations of all 26 letters of the alphabet as well as the numbers 0 – 9, which means one character design a day. The sophisticated result can be found below. For more of Andres Avila’s graphic work, please have a look at his portfolio on Behance.

Andres Avila, Day 1, letter A, 36 Days of Type.
Day 1, letter A, 36 Days of Type.
36 Days of Type 2017 entry by Andres Avila.
Images from the 36 Days of Type 2017 entry by Andres Avila.

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  1. Hey,
    Thanks so much for this post! I’m so intrigued by this font creation. It is very well done! I would love to use this on the bumtop app when I am designing pages!


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