2016 EyeEm Photography Awards Finalists

100 finalists were recently announced for the 2016 EyeEm Photography Awards.

Now it’s official, a jury of world renowned representatives from Magnum Photos, National Geographic Magazine, World Press Photo, amongst others, has selected 100 finalists for this year’s EyeEm Photography Awards in Berlin, Germany. Photographers from all over the world were called to submit their best pictures to the 5 categories: The Portraitist, The Architect, The Great Outdoors, The Photojournalist, and The Street Photographer. The 2016 EyeEm Awards received more than 270,000 submissions from over 38,000 photographers in just under six weeks. The winners will be announced at The 2016 EyeEm Festival & Awards in Berlin on August 27. Below you can find a selection of 20 pictures to show you some examples of the various submissions. For more information about the awards and the complete festival, please check out here.

Glenn Asakawa, @GJA29, (The Street Photographer).
Glenn Asakawa, @GJA29, (The Street Photographer). This funny snapshot was taken in the streets of Kyoto, Japan.
Femi Onipinla, @femstagraphy, (The Great Outdoors).
Femi Onipinla, @femstagraphy, (The Great Outdoors). This is an image taken in Erg Chebbi, Morocco.
Bruno Guerreiro, @bguerreio, (The Architect).
Bruno Guerreiro, @bguerreio, (The Architect). The Riyam Monument in Muscat, Oman was photographed at sunset through an opening of the old Portuguese watch tower.
Debbie Fortes, @Debbiefortes, (The Architect).
Debbie Fortes, @Debbiefortes, (The Architect). The picture shows Dubai shrouded in clouds. It was taken from Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, just before sunrise.
Isara Pittayasiri, @freeisara, (The Street Photographer).
Isara Pittayasiri, @freeisara, (The Street Photographer). Two guys washing windows in Bangkok, Thailand.
Jörg Fockenberg, @jofoc, (The Architect).
Jörg Fockenberg, @jofoc, (The Architect). Modern architecture captured at Osthafen in Berlin, Germany.
Jadsada Inaek, @JsdJadsada, (The Street Photographer).
Jadsada Inaek, @JsdJadsada, (The Street Photographer). This image was taken at Siam Park City, an amusement park in Bangkok, Thailand.
Jun Michael Park, @junmichaelpark, (The Photojournalist).
Jun Michael Park, @junmichaelpark, (The Photojournalist). On April 16, 2014, the MV Sewol sank off the coast of South Korea. The tragedy claimed 304 lives.
Khairel Anuar, @khairel, (The Great Outdoors).
Khairel Anuar, @khairel, (The Great Outdoors). A beautiful shot taken at Inle Lake in Myanmar.
Can Dağarslani, @CanDagarslani, (The Portraitist).
Can Dağarslani, @CanDagarslani, (The Portraitist). This picture is part of the series “Inside Out”, which has been featured some weeks ago on WE AND THE COLOR. In the search for identity, the photo blends two people.
Maharshi Patel, @maharshi_patel, (The Great Outdoors).
Maharshi Patel, @maharshi_patel, (The Great Outdoors). Stunning landscape photography at Peb Fort in Mumbai, India.
Maximilian Schulz, @maximilianschulz, (The Portraitist).
Maximilian Schulz, @maximilianschulz, (The Portraitist). This was taken during practice in portraiture class, fighting against the idea of a ‘bad’ or ‘good’ face on social media.”
Mayank Gautam, @khicchik, (The Photojournalist).
Mayank Gautam, @khicchik, (The Photojournalist). This picture was taken on the last day of Moharram, the holy month of mourning, in Lucknow, India.
Melvin Anore, @melvinanore, (The Photojournalist).
Melvin Anore, @melvinanore, (The Photojournalist). That was taken during the Good Friday religious procession in Binangonan Rizal, Philippines.
Michele Liberti, @liber59, (The Street Photographer).
Michele Liberti, @liber59, (The Street Photographer). A sunbathing woman on the beach in Napoli, Italy.
Mohammad Hamza, @amirbangs, (The Portraitist).
Mohammad Hamza, @amirbangs, (The Portraitist). This shot of a “colorful man” was taken at a colorful wedding in India.
Thomas Lim, @thomaslim24, (The Photojournalist).
Thomas Lim, @thomaslim24, (The Photojournalist). A snapshot taken during an anti-racism rally held in Melbourne, Australia.
Todd Bischoff, @ToddBischoff, (The Street Photographer).
Todd Bischoff, @ToddBischoff, (The Street Photographer). This little girl gets her first pony ride in Petaluma, California. “High Five!”
Tony Zhang, @TonyZhang5, (The Great Outdoors).
Tony Zhang, @TonyZhang5, (The Great Outdoors). What a great view at Yunyuang LongGang Geological Park in Chongqing, China!
Zacharie Rabehi, @zacharie_r, (The Photojournalist).
Zacharie Rabehi, @zacharie_r, (The Photojournalist). This shocking and heartbreaking portrait was taken in Agra, India. Shaboo faced an acid attack when she was just one month old, resting on her mother’s lap. The attack killed her mother.