Behalf Studio was commissioned to work on a unique brand identity design for ZEE, a prominent advertising and marketing agency based in Vietnam. Detailed information about the project is accessible on our website or Behance platform.

ZEE Branding by Behalf Studio
ZEE Branding by Behalf Studio

Originating in Vietnam, ZEE stands as a comprehensive creative agency that advocates for modern lifestyle brands. After establishing a seven-year track record as a top-tier local agency, ZEE recognized the necessity for a reimagined brand image. Collaborating with Behalf Studio, they joined forces to redefine their distinctive “Lifestyle-Focused™” brand identity, thereby reinforcing their leadership within the lifestyle sector.

Taking inspiration from the concept of “The Touch of Life,” Behalf Studio established a connection between clients and their desired lifestyles, unlocking limitless creative possibilities. Through Behalf Studio’s ZEE Display typeface, they combined versatility with a distinct touch. Complementing this approach is a dynamic visual framework, ensuring both uniformity and flexibility in the presentation of our brand.

All images © by Behalf Studio. Don’t hesitate to find more Graphic Design and Branding projects on WE AND THE COLOR.

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