Z-473, a cutting-edge fitness brand, emerged from the vision of Alessandro Zarino, a former fashion model who decided to shift gears and create a unique fitness experience. Born out of a desire to redefine health and wellness, Z-473 aims to celebrate imperfection and promote holistic well-being. In this article, we delve into the brand’s background, challenges, and execution strategies created by Naples, Italy-based designer, Andrea Del Prete.

Z-473: the imperfect training club branding by Andrea Del Prete
Z-473: the imperfect training club branding by Andrea Del Prete


Alessandro Zarino’s journey began in the fashion industry, where he adorned the creations of renowned brands like Prada, Versace, and Gucci. However, he soon realized that the industry’s focus on perfection often overshadowed the true purpose of the human body. Seeking a change, Alessandro explored Australia, immersing himself in various body-care disciplines. After five transformative years, he returned to Italy with a mission: to create a fitness brand that embraced imperfection.

The Challenge

Opening a fitness business in Naples presented a formidable challenge. While the growing awareness of a “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) culture fueled demand, the market was saturated with competitors. How could Z-473 differentiate itself and stand out in this crowded landscape?


1. Cultivating Imperfection

Z-473’s core philosophy centers around the healthy culture of imperfection. Alessandro and his team believe that there is no such thing as a perfect body; instead, there is a healthy body. Guided by this principle, they design personalized training itineraries tailored to each client’s capabilities. From physical workouts to recovery through nutrition, Z-473 focuses on holistic well-being.

2. Visual Identity

To visually convey the brand’s essence, Z-473 commissioned a unique pictogram. Starting with a perfect circle, the designers divided it diagonally, slid it along the cutting axis, and then rejoined it. This process symbolizes the beauty found in imperfection—a departure from rigid symmetry. The resulting pictogram captures the essence of Z-473’s mission.

3. Custom Typeface

Consistency in branding is crucial. Z-473 extended its design philosophy to typography. A custom sans-serif font was created, with each letter having both a compound and a cut variant. This duality mirrors the brand’s celebration of imperfection while maintaining readability.

4. Minimalist Color Palette

To eliminate distractions and emphasize form, Z-473 opted for a minimalist color palette. Soft gray and black dominate the brand’s visual identity, allowing the imperfect shapes to take center stage.


Z-473’s journey from fashion model to fitness entrepreneur exemplifies the power of embracing imperfection. By redefining health and wellness, Alessandro Zarino has created a brand that resonates with those seeking a holistic approach to fitness. Z-473 invites everyone to celebrate their unique imperfections and embark on a path toward well-being.

About the Designer:

Andrea Del Prete, a passionate designer and communicator, draws inspiration from art, music, and design. With a background in graphic design and visual communication, Andrea has worked with national and international clients, constantly pushing creative boundaries. As a freelancer, Andrea continues to explore innovative solutions, driven by curiosity and a commitment to meeting clients’ needs.

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