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The WuHoo! Designer’s Toolkit, a playful set of customizable 3D-like objects for custom scenes, presentations and awesome hero images.

Ruslan Latypov and his LStore team have recently developed the WuHoo! Designer’s Toolkit, a great set of fully customizable 3D-like graphics for different purposes. The graphics are designed in the look of beautiful crafts. The DIY style conveys a friendly and playful experience, which helps to sell products or services. Please note, this collection requires Adobe Photoshop. You can get the latest version from the Adobe Creative Cloud website, just check it out here. You can find additional information below the following image.

The set is available as introductory offer on Creative Market.

Customizable graphics for different purposes.
Customizable graphics for different purposes.

More information about the WuHoo! Designer’s Toolkit.

The DIY scene generator includes 2 versions of graphics, one for print projects with a huge resolution of items, and one for web and mobile projects. Each item has been carefully crafted. The files include a color mask, which makes it easy to change any color. The fully adjustable and transparent shadows are organized on separate layers. Furthermore, the set includes a quality type creator. It will help you create interesting type effects and compositions. The WuHoo! Designer’s Toolkit is a great choice for both print and web projects, social media, blogs, advertisements, presentations, just to name a few. For additional information, just follow the link below.

You can get it 30% off on Creative Market (only for a limited time).

Drag and drop items the way you want.
Drag and drop items the way you want and create playful scenes with ease.
Add your text and create funny 3D typography.
Add your text and create funny 3D typography.
Change any text.
You can change any text.
WuHoo! Scene Creator.
The WuHoo! Scene Creator, a colorful set of editable graphics for Adobe Photoshop.

Download the set 30% off (only for a limited time) on Creative Market.

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