Villa MQ by Office O Architects

Villa MQ, an outstanding example of extraordinary architectural design by Office O Architects.

Sculpted with flowing round shapes, the team of Office O Architects has designed this extraordinary villa in Tremelo, Belgium for a family of four. Far away from traditional principles, the client asked for a unique home. The architects faced the challenge by creating an exceptional place to life. Villa MQ combines latest architectural trends with a sculptural concept based on flowing round shapes and varying ceiling heights. Read more below the first image.

Villa MQ by Office O Architects.
Villa MQ by Office O Architects.

The house comprises 5 different volumes, which are connected by flowing lines and an extravagant staircase inside the house. Protected from the street, one can only see a massive concrete façade on top of subtle hill. The architectural concept ensures a maximum of natural light in every part of the house. Please have a look at the images below. You can find more pictures on Office O Architects’ website:

Flowing lines.
Beautiful flowing lines made of concrete.
Extraordinary architectural design.
The concept provides an extraordinary and unique architectural design.
Flowing lines and shapes inside the house.
Flowing lines and shapes inside the house. The staircase connects every part of the house.
Main living area.
Wide open spaces and natural light.
Located in Tremelo, Belgium.
This extraordinary home is located in Tremelo, Belgium.

All images © Tim Van De Velde and Office O Architects. Feel free to discover more outstanding projects in our Architecture category.


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