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Download a huge bundle of 9229 freely scalable vector graphics—available for only a few days!

Pixelo, a premier source of different design assets for graphic resources, has announced its newest collection – The Gigantic Vector Graphics Bundle. This bundle features more than a hundred individual vector sets, plus over 9,000 vector elements! From watercolor clipart and flat-lay vector images to illustrations and calligraphic elements, designers have endless options inside this bundle. Every designer knows that vectors are a requisite part of many projects. These computer-made graphics are versatile enough to be used no matter how large or small you need the image. Aside from the quality, vectors make changing colors easier, as the colors are separated into specific shape areas. Read more below.

Feel free to download this special offer here.

Freely scalable vector graphics
Freely scalable vector graphics

All these graphics (and many more) are available here.

Pixelo has once again curated an amazing set of design assets. With this bundle, only your imagination is the limit. Posters, invites, presentations, web posts, shirt designs, and banners – you can design just about anything using this resource. There are also unique elements, such as the mascot creation tool, and various themed assets like summer illustrations. The vectors can be used in their original form or combined to create customized projects. As always, Pixelo provides these handpicked elements with an Extended Use License, which means you are free to use these vector graphics on an unlimited basis, whether for personal or commercial projects.

Originally priced at $4,572, the bundle is currently being offered in a once-in-a-lifetime deal of only $39!

Download it via Pixelo’s website to grab this limited opportunity!

What’s inside the bundle?

Here’s what you’ll be getting with this fantastic set:

  • 30 vector illustration set (with 287 individual elements)
  • 10 flat-lay clipart set (with 250 individual elements)
  • 8 watercolor vector clipart set (85 individual elements)
  • 151 shirt design options
  • 150 summer-themed vectors
  • 9 vector mascot creation kit (with 721 vectors)
  • 6 calligraphic ornaments (with 345 individual elements)
  • 45 vector elements collection (with 7,240 unique elements)
  • Extended Use License
  • Lifetime download option
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Gigantic Vector Graphics Bundle: A Review

Here is a look at some of the vector graphics included in this bundle:

Flat-Lay Vector Clipart Sets

These make life convenient if you want to instantly create design materials such as web banners, invitations, billboards and motion animation.
Pixelo guarantees that all flat-lay vector clipart are premium images, perfect for scaling them up or down to the size you need without sacrificing the quality of the final piece.
Some of the flat-lay themes feature office supplies, mechanical supplies, food, and outdoor illustration sets.

Example of office supplies as top view edition.
Example of office supplies as top view edition.

Themed Illustrations

Whatever image you may need, Pixelo has probably included it in this collection. Themes for birthdays and celebrations, holidays like Halloween and Christmas, even Black Friday!
There are also themed vector images for distinct subjects, like farming, water, organic, luxury gold and many more. These can be used for branding projects, ad campaigns and social media posts.

Christmas illustrations
Christmas illustrations

Watercolor Vector Objects

For those looking to add a touch of handmade artistry to their projects, Pixelo has included hundreds of watercolor vector images for a multitude of subjects.
From butterflies and natural elements to fashion and holiday images, these watercolor pieces will lend any design a refined touch.

Some watercolor fashion objects.
Some watercolor fashion objects.

T-Shirt Designs

More than a hundred t-shirt design options are included in the bundle. With these funky colors, fun images, nature-inspired detailing and much more, designers can mix and match elements to suit their taste.

T-Shirt designs
T-Shirt designs

Mascot kit

Mascots add that personalized feel to a design, which is why Pixelo has provided a total of 9 kits that include 721 unique elements in the bundle. You can use different human graphics, wacky and colorful monsters, facial expressions and more to create your own set of characters.

Vector characters
Vector characters

Calligraphic Ornaments

These include borders and frames in a modern or classic look. They will be quite useful when designing invitations for weddings and other occasions, or when creating menus, flyers and event posters.

Calligraphic ornaments
Calligraphic Ornaments

3D Vector Elements

The Gigantic Vector Graphics Bundle also includes 3D vector objects in a variety of themes, if you want to add a bit of depth to your whole design.

3D vectors
3D vectors

Blank Print Items

These blank book pages, scrolls, and banners are readily customizable with any content of your choosing. Use these for a realistic touch to your illustrations.

Blank print items
Blank print items

The Takeaway

The Gigantic Vector Graphics Bundle is truly that: gigantic! Customizable elements bring designers thousands of options that can significantly speed up and enhance the design process. This is a must-have bundle for businesses that want an updated look for their digital and physical stores, or for companies that regularly showcase print materials or design major events. Restaurants and cafés can also utilize so many design features in this bundle.

Download the Pixelo Gigantic Vector Graphics Bundle if you want stand-out designs in a convenient package.


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