Stunning user interface designs created by Balraj Chana.

Balraj Chana is a freelance designer who lives and works in London, UK. With an experience of several years, he’s working for a wide range of clients. He is bringing visions to life from simple sketches on a napkin to final apps and websites. His portfolio includes an amazing collection of user interface designs and animations. A few examples of his latest UI work can be found below. For more, please visit his website or check out his Dribbble account.

Balraj Chana's new portfolio website
Balraj Chana’s new portfolio website. “I’ve redesigned my portfolio site to include in-depth case studies from recent projects that I’ve been working on. Also included is a brief overview of my design process as well as side projects.” – Balraj Chana
Animated Weather Widgets
Animated Weather Widgets. You can see the app in action here. “Lately I’ve been prototyping an IoT app that displays the weather using motion. Each of the 5 screens have a subtle animation for various weather seasons.” – Balraj Chana
Nike90 Store
Nike90 Store. “I’ve been experimenting with different styles lately and wanted to explore futuristic concepts whilst incorporating and combining principles of material design (elevation, shadow depth, direction) metro/modern UI (tiles, typography, visual data) and flat design.” – Balraj Chana
Audioristic UI
Audioristic UI. From left to right: 1. Music player , 2. Audio Listener (Snooping), 3. Audio Mixer, 4. Sound recorder
Floatable website
Floatable website. “I’ve been experimenting with new and unusual layouts & styles lately. The idea was to distribute content without restricting it’s size based on its container. The grid is flexible and can easily be adjusted from fixed-width to full-width. The content is modular and includes elements that float off the page.” – Balraj Chana

All images © by Balraj Chana. Feel free to find more inspiring user interface design in our popular Web Design category.


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