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TT Travels Next, the stylized alternative version of the TT Travels font family.

Designed by Kseniya Karataeva and the TypeType team, TT Travels Next has been created with the aim to give the popular TT Travels font family a more radical companion for display use. Both families complement each other perfectly.

The typeface of the TT Travels Next font family is based on a trendy wide display sans serif with special characteristics. It can be used in a wide range of sets including print and web projects. With its very wide proportions and characters as well as its exaggerated closed aperture, low contrast, and the great mix of soft and sharp shapes, this family is a real eye-catcher. TT Travels Next also comes with two outline styles that match the upright styles perfectly.

The TT Travels Next font family consists of 21 fonts including 9 upright and 9 inclined styles, two outline styles, and one variable font with two variability axes (width and slant). Feel free to click on the following link to get further information about all typographic features.

TT Travels Next font family by TypeType
TT Travels Next font family by TypeType

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