Total Control, a series of artworks created by Australian illustrator Andrew Fairclough.

Illustrator Andrew Fairclough has recently presented a series of new artworks in his first solo exhibition named ‘Total Control’. From March 31 – April 11, 2017, The show took place at China Heights Gallery in Sydney, Australia. Total Control has featured a selected range of new mixed media artworks on wood panel. The artworks feature diverse surreal portraits, combining acrylic painting and printmaking.

Inspired by dystopian fiction as well as mid-century illustrations and comics, Andrew Fairclough’s artworks explore different themes of introspection, duality, impulse and mind control as well as the never-ending flow of information. The result is a vivid body of work, which is characterized by abstract textural explorations and haphazard experiments mixed with a distinctive mid-century style. Just have a look at the images below. For those of you who want to see more of Andrew Fairclough illustrative work, please have a look at his website or follow him on Behance and Instagram.

Andrew Fairclough illustration, Modern Guilt
Modern Guilt. The artworks of the series are characterized by a mix of different illustrative techniques including acrylic painting and screen printing.
Andrew Fairclough illustration, Ascendancy
Ascendancy. All of the following artworks have been shown at China Heights Gallery in Sydney, Australia.
Andrew Fairclough illustration, Belief Relief
Belief Relief. Acrylic and screen printed detail on framed panel in the size of 76cm x 101cm (30″ x 40″).
Andrew Fairclough illustration, Chemtrails
Chemtrails. Mixed media work in the size of 101cm x 76cm (40″ x 30″).
Andrew Fairclough illustration, Circuitry II
Circuitry II
Andrew Fairclough illustration, Cyclic Exhale
Cyclic Exhale
Andrew Fairclough illustration, Distraction Sickness
Distraction Sickness
Andrew Fairclough illustration, Manipulator
Andrew Fairclough illustration, Manipulator
Manipulator – second piece.
Andrew Fairclough illustration, Obsequium
Andrew Fairclough illustration, Total Control
Total Control. Illustrative art by Andrew Fairclough.

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