Let’s talk about the best graphic design trends that will be very popular among most graphic designers in 2021.

Graphic design trends are constantly changing and we see new styles every year. During the last years, we have showcased plenty of exciting graphic design projects realized by outstanding creatives and some of the best design studios from all over the world. This is a great way to see the current changes and upcoming trends. We received so many graphic design project submissions and feedback, which helps a lot to see what’s popular at the moment and to predict what tomorrow’s trends in graphic design will be.

According to the latest featured case studies as well as all the great feedback we have received on trending graphic design, here comes our selection of the top graphic design trends for 2021.

1. Graphic Design Inspired by Nature

Nature-inspired prints by Christopher Dina.
These nature-inspired prints have been designed by Christopher Dina.

It seems that the more urbanized and digitized our daily life becomes, the more people yearn for something that relates them with nature. There is currently a strongly growing trend in graphic design towards organic nature-inspired shapes and colors. Many designs remind us of landscapes, trees, leaves, or animals.

2. Abstract Graphic Design

Abstract graphic design templates by Lisima.
Abstract graphic design templates by Lisima.

After many years of clear shapes and lines, one can notice that more and more designers are enjoying the disorder of abstract shapes. This way, they create a deliberate contrast with a strict layout and the unconventionally abstract shapes quickly catch the viewer’s eye. Abstract graphic design uses a visual language of shapes, colors, and lines in various compositions.

3. Unusual Color Combinations and Blurring Effects

Poster templates by Adobe Stock contributor @Blackcatstudio
These poster templates consisting of unusual color combinations and blurring effects have been designed by Adobe Stock contributor @Blackcatstudio.

Striking gradients have been a big thing already in 2020. In 2021, we expect that this trend will continue and many more graphic designers will love to add blurred color transitions and noise effects to their work. This trend enables design elements, typography, or images to stand out against the background.

4. 3D Typography

Experimental 3D Typography by Txaber Mentxaka
Experimental 3D typography by Txaber Mentxaka.

Whether animated or static, 3D typography is literally going big in 2021. The three-dimensional letters in different shapes, colors, and sizes seem to jump out of a medium. Already today, you can see them everywhere—on websites, billboards, or in printed publications. They can be designed in various styles.

5. Symbols

Futuro line symbols by Bloomicon.
Futuro line symbols by Bloomicon.

Actually, symbols existed when graphic design was out of the question. They were already used in prehistoric times and antiquity. In today’s graphic design, symbols can be marks, icons, or words that indicate and represent an idea or object. Symbols have the power to overcome the barrier of different languages through the use of generally understandable symbols.

6. Monochromatic Color Schemes

A monochromatic  brand identity created by Candice Bondi for Halo Advertising
A monochromatic brand identity created by Candice Bondi for Halo Advertising.

The saying “less is more” does not necessarily have to refer to the shape of a design. Using a simple monochromatic color scheme, you can also create a strong, eye-catching visual experience. Monochromatic backgrounds are especially well suited for text overlays or in combination with graphics, symbols, or images. After a real explosion of colors in the past few years, 2021 can become the year of more subtle color concepts to monochrome designs.

7. Retrofuturism

An artworks from a series of retro futuristic illustrations created by Matthew Lyons for The Daily.
Artwork from a series of retro-futuristic illustrations created by Matthew Lyons for The Daily.

Retrofuturism gives us a sense of nostalgia while bringing us closer to the longing of yesteryear for an exciting, technological future. People dreamed of a fully automated future as well as flying cars and the exploration of distant galaxies. After the doom and gloom in 2020, the retrofuturistic designs of the year 2021 will bring us back to this optimistic view of the future.

8. Geometric Forms

Form research by Fatih Hardal based on geometric shapes.
Form research by Fatih Hardal based on geometric shapes.

Even the simplest geometric form can add great value to your work. In our latest features, we have seen highly-creative examples of geometric designs and in 2021, the trend continues. These geometric forms can be applied to both 2D and 3D designs.

9. Classic Vintage-Inspired Typefaces

Glamour Absolute font by Nicky Laatz.
Glamour Absolute font by Nicky Laatz. It is available here.

Our loyal readers know that fonts are an important topic on WE AND THE COLOR and we’re seeing more and more elegant, vintage-inspired fonts being released. There are beautifully designed bold display typefaces such as Glamour Absolute that can be used in a wide range of projects. Those fonts can add a nice touch of vintage to your design.

10. Emojis

Emogram x CQIFS branding by graphic design studio kissmiklos.
Emogram x CQIFS branding by graphic design studio kissmiklos.

Social media influences our daily life. Therefore, it is no wonder that it also has a significant impact on current graphic design trends. Most of us like to use funny emojis to visualize different states of mind and clever designers now create websites or packaging based on fun and playful emojis to show certain emotions.

This is our selection of the top ten graphic design trends for 2021. We look forward to receiving your feedback. You can find other inspiring work in our extensive Graphic Design category. Update: Discover the best graphic design trends for 2023 on WE AND THE COLOR.

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