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Discover Tokyo Dreams, a serif display font with three different styles plus plenty of ligatures.

Mila Garret has designed the Tokyo Dreams font with three different styles: a minimalist serif, a ligature-rich headline typeface, and a hybrid style that combines both serif and script letters. With a total of 99 elegant ligatures, this display font will help you to create unique logotypes, titles, or quotes. Using the hybrid version, you can create even more unique typographic styles with an experimental touch while the display version is just perfect for striking headlines. Any version of Tokyo Dreams conveys a touch of luxury. This font might be your next go-to typeface for creating modern logos, websites, social media quotes, wedding invitations, and more. Just click on the following link to learn more about the Tokyo Dreams font.

Tokyo Dreams Font by Mila Garret
Tokyo Dreams Font by Mila Garret

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