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Say hello to the Tobi Pro font family, a fun-loving kid-friendly typeface that comes with seven variants, shadows, dingbats, and plenty of OpenType features.

Are you looking for a truly unique font to use in design projects dedicated to children? Look no further than Tobi Pro, a kid-friendly font family created by Rodrigo Araya Salas of Rodrigo Typo. With its charming and varied characters, Tobi Pro is the perfect choice for any project that needs to stand out from the crowd. From its bold lettering to its playful designs, each character in the font family brings something special to the table—making it an ideal choice for creatives everywhere. Tobi Pro’s geometric characters offer an organic touch. This typeface is ideal for any visual communication need related to children and youth designs, including posters, packaging, and logos.

Tobi Pro Kids Font Family by Rodrigo Typo
Tobi Pro Kids Font Family by Rodrigo Typo

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