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Surreal artworks by Evgeniy Shvets aka Stocksy

Surreal Artworks by Evgeniy Shvets aka Stocksy

Available as stock images on Adobe Stock, these surreal artworks are the perfect decoration for every home. This unique collection of surreal artworks was created...
The Ever Present Beginning of the Last Journey.

Surreal Drawings by Allan Bech

Surreal drawings with pencil on paper by artist Allan Bech. Danish artist Allan Bech was born in 1983. Today he lives and works in the...
Vacation - painting on wood panel.

Cinta Vidal – Gravitant at Miscelanea in Barcelona

Surreal paintings by Cinta Vidal from her exhibition "Gravitant" at Miscelanea in Barcelona. Cinta Vidal is a Spanish artist who studied at Escola Massana in...
MAGICAL MESS - Drawing by Karina Eibatova.

Magical Artworks by Karina Eibatova

A collection of magical artworks by Karina Eibatova for 2015. Some time ago, I featured some creative drawings by Eibatova Karina, a London, United Kingdom...
Surreal photo collages and mixed media artworks by Matthieu Bourel.

Surreal Photo Collages & Mixed Media Artworks by Matthieu Bourel

Some surreal photo collages and mixed media artworks by Matthieu Bourel. Matthieu Bourel is a French artist currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. The...
Playtime - Illustration by Valentin Fischer

Illustrations by Valentin Fischer

Surreal Illustrations. Do you remember our previous post from 2012 about the extraordinary art of Valentin Fischer? Much time has passed and a lot of new...
Relativity: Surreal Painting by Alex Hall

Surreal Painting Series “Relativity” by Alex Hall

Relativity - Surreal Art Series. This series of surreal paintings by artist Alex Hall is called "Relativity". The series depicts people floating in time and...
Surreal Art of San Poggio

Visual Art of San Poggio

Surreal Bizarre Art. San Poggio is an Argentinian artist who creates fantastic paintings, drawings, sculptures and art installations. This is a small selection of his...
Painting by Lee Jin Ju

Dreamlike Surreal Paintings by Artist Lee Jin Ju

Surreal Visual Art. The fantastic paintings by Korean artist Lee Jin Ju look like separated scenes, taken out a a dream. source: booooooom.com
The Son of Man by René Magritte

The Surreal Art of René Magritte

Surreal Oil Paintings. A collection of oil paintings by Belgian artist René François Ghislain Magritte (November 21, 1898 – August 15, 1967), a master of...