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Logo Design by Giuseppe Fierro

Logo Design Inspiration Selected brands and logo designs, created by Italian graphic designer Giuseppe Fierro between 2011 and 2012.

Logo Designs by Justin Van Genderen

I.D. Series Logo designs from a personal and fictional project by Justin Van Genderen. I bet you know some of the companies. "A fresh look at...

Logo Design by Brad Surcey

Logo Design Inspiration. A collection of logo design works by Brad Surcey.

Logo Design by Floris Voorveld

Creative Logo Design. Some pictograms and logo works by Floris Voorveld, a Dutch freelance graphic designer living in Spain. More inspiring graphics on his website.

Offício – Visual Identity by BR/BAUEN

Branding Inspiration Visual identity, created by BR/BAUEN for Offício, an engineering company specialized in steel structure projects. "The Graphic Symbol is an abstraction of the letter...

Wrigglepot Identity by KVGD

Branding Inspiration. A lovely identity for Wrigglepot, designed by KVGD, a graphic design agency from Glasgow, specialized in branding and logo design. "From their online HQ...

Bowermans Identity Design by Levogrin

Logo Design and Branding Inspiration Corporate identity, designed by Levogrin for Bowermans, a jewelry brand.

Logo Design by Jonny Delap

Logo Design Inspiration. Examples of beautiful logo design works by Jonny Delap, a graphic designer from Manchester, United Kingdom. Visit more logos here.

Branding ZEBRA7 by Bosquet Pascal

Modern Corporate Design. Bosquet Pascal created this beautiful identity and stationery for ZEBRA7. A very clean looking logo and brand design, made of simple lines.

Hildesheim – Logo Design and Corporate Identity by Formvermittlung

City of Hildesheim Logo design and corporate elements for the German city Hildesheim. Design by Formvermittlung.

Logo Design Inspiration

Stunning Logo Design. Graphic works for logo designs and brand identities by 5upreme.

Logo Designs by Brad Surcey

Logo Design Inspiration. Selected logo design works by graphic designer Brad Surcey.