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Edge of Space - Yasuaki Onishi solo exhibition at ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka Japan.

Yasuaki Onishi – Edge of Space

Edge of Space - Yasuaki Onishi's latest solo exhibition at ARTCOURT Gallery in Osaka Japan. Japanese contemporary artist and sculptor Yasuaki Onishi sent us some...
Yoshiaki Mochizuki

Yoshiaki Mochizuki – Japanese Artist

Eyes on Japan-born, New York City based artist Yoshiaki Mochizuki. Born in 1961 in Tokyo, Japan, Yoshiaki Mochizuki is an artist who likes to work...
Adoration VI - Pure pigment, Japanese Ink on Kumohada Paper - Created in 2013.

Japanese Artist Kiyo Hasegawa

Abstract paintings by Japanese artist Kiyo Hasegawa. Kiyo Hasegawa was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1984. After a BFA in 2009, she graduated with a...
Empty sculpture, an installation work by Japanese artist Onishi Yasuaki.

Onishi Yasuaki – Empty Sculpture

Empty Sculpture by Japanese artist Onishi Yasuaki. Japanese artist Onishi Yasuaki sent me some images and a video of his past installation work, which was...
Fragmented drawing and painting

Paintings by Tomoko Kashiki

Paintings by Japanese Artist Tomoko Kashiki. Tomoko Kashiki is a Japanese artist who creates fragmented paintings, which show small, enclosed worlds full of intimacy, mysteries,...
Vertical Emptiness GOoP - Installation by Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi

Installation by Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi

Vertical Emptiness GOoP. "Vertical Emptiness GOoP" is the name of the latest installation by Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi. In March 2014, the installation was shown...
Art Installation - Reverse of Volume by Yasuaki Onishi

Art Installation – Reverse of Volume by Yasuaki Onishi

Reverse of Volume. This art installation called 'Reverse of Volume' by Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi was created for the Rice Gallery. The shape of this...
Stone Sculpture by Japanese Artist Jiyuseki

Stone Sculptures by Japanese Artist Jiyuseki

Incredible Stone Sculptures. Jiyuseki is a Japanese artist and sculptor who carves incredible sculptures in stone to create a perfect illusion of a soft or...
Super Realistic Body Art by Chooo-San

Super Realistic Body Art Illusions by Chooo-San

Body Art Illusions. Some super realistic body art illusions by Japanese artist Chooo-San. The artist uses acrylic paint to create these amazing illusions.