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The 45th Annual Artexpo New York

The 45th annual Artexpo New York just announced its programming schedule for April 7-10, 2022. This year's program of the 45th annual Artexpo New York...

Minimalist Photography by Paolo Pettigiani

EXPO, a series of minimalist photography taken by Paolo Pettigiani in the urban environment of Milan, Italy. Paolo Pettigiani suggested me to check out his...

Expo Milano 2015 – Global Campaign Proposal

A visual campaign proposal for the Expo Milano 2015. Art director Luca Frank Guarini, copywriter Samantha Scaloni, and the two graphic designers Lorenzo Piccinini and...

Endesa Pavilion by Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Advanced Architecture. For the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, Spain, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia designed the outstanding Endesa Pavilion.