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Louis Reith

Louis Reith – Dutch Artist

Geometric patterns, collages, and woodwork made by Dutch artist Louis Reith. In December 2013, I introduced you to Louis Reith and his collage series "Nachttuin"....
Paintings by Dutch artist Roos van der Vliet.

Roos van der Vliet

Eyes on Dutch artist Roos van der Vliet and her hair-entrapped portraits. Last year I've featured a selection of paintings of Roos van der Vliet's...
Lust, 2014 – acrylic on canvas, 100 x 140 cm (39.37 x 55.12 in).

Piet Parra – Post-Pop Imagery

Eyes on Dutch artist Pieter 'Parra' Janssen and his curvy Post-Pop imagery. Have you heard of Pieter Janssen aka Parra? Using saturated colors and curvy...