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Aqueous Fluoreau Photography by Mark Mawson

Aqueous Fluoreau. Even the name of the blog "WE AND THE COLOR" says it all, colors are an important part of our daily content. This...
I speak fluid colors - Digital Art Project by Maria Grønlund

I Speak Fluid Colors – Digital Art Project by Maria Grønlund

I Speak Fluid Colors - Digital Drawings. The Danish graphic designer Maria Grønlund loves colors as much as we do. That's why she decided to create this...

White Pages Identity – Art Direction by Josip Kelava

Colorful Graphic Design for 2012 Brand Identity. Art direction for the 2012 identity of the White Pages Sales Collateral by Melbourne, Australia-based graphic designer and...

Installation of Colorful Umbrellas in Agueda, Portugal

Umbrellas Installation. A complete street in Agueda, Portugal decorated with colorful umbrellas floating in the air. Photography by Patricia Almeida. source: fubiz.net
Lotus War by James Jean

The Art of James Jean

Creative Colorful Illustrations. A selection of standout limited edition fine art prints by illustrator James Jean. Check out more artworks available as prints here.
SEA - GF Smith Digital

GFSmith/Digital Paper Promotion by SEA Design

Generative Art. Art direction, design and generative coding by SEA Design for GFSmith/Digital paper promotion. "Generative processes combined code with pre-determined colour palettes to create a...