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Banksy painted a nurse as a superhero.

Game Changer by Banksy — A Nurse Painted as a Superhero

In the Corona crisis, street artist Banksy thanked the medical staff with a new painting in the General Hospital in Southampton. Banksy's new artwork shows...
Banksy's portrait of Kate Moss is based on the style of Andy Warhol's iconic pop art portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

Banksy Artworks at Rome’s Palazzo Cipolla Museum

From May 24 - September 4, 2016, Rome's Palazzo Cipolla museum presents 'War Capitalism & Liberty', a vast collection of original Banksy artworks. 'War Capitalism &...
Banksy - Provocative Olympic Street Art

Banksy – Provocative Olympic Street Art

Banksy's Olympics-related art. Two latest artworks related to the upcoming London 2012 Summer Olympics by the famous graffiti and street artist Banksy. The two artworks...