Artist duo T.w.five at Marrow Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

From November 15 – December 9, 2017, Marrow Gallery in San Francisco will present a selection of new artworks created by T.w.five, an art duo formed by Swedish and Brazilian artists based in San Francisco, California. The duo creates hand-cut vinyl installations in order to explore and express diverse ideas of societal norms, alienation, and technological innovation. Their work often conveys a graphical language.

Both artists hold an MFA from San Jose State University. During the past years, their artworks could be seen in several exhibitions nationally and abroad. Below you can find a selection of artworks. To get some further information, please visit the gallery website:

T.w.five artist duo, Still Life - 84x72, hand cut vinyl on panel.
Still Life – 84×72, hand cut vinyl on a panel.
T.w.five artist duo, Modernist House - 40x40, vinyl tape on panel.
Modernist House – 40×40, vinyl tape on a panel.
T.w.five artist duo, Study II - 8x8, vinyl on panel.
Study II – 8×8, vinyl on a panel.
T.w.five artist duo, Study IV - 8x8, vinyl on panel.
Study IV – 8×8, vinyl on a panel.

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