Take a look at the creative work of Omer Malik, a Los Angeles-based graphite artist and illustrator.

Omer Malik’s artwork explores religious themes and duality. It reflects his upbringing as a second-generation African Muslim in Los Angeles, and how he spiritually coped with growing up in a secularized city. His work is largely shaped by his personal struggles, which are evident through the recurring symbolic elements that represent truths and deceptions present in both ourselves and the world around us.

Omer Malik’s artwork is known for its dark and rich colors, often with a metallic sheen. He frequently includes celestial images in his work to emphasize the connection between people and the cosmos.

Below you can see a selection of Omer Malik’s drawings. For more, please take a look at his Instagram account.

Graphite drawings by Omer Malik
Graphite drawings by Omer Malik

All images © by Omer Malik. Check out other inspiring work from all over the world in the Art and Illustration categories on WE AND THE COLOR.

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