Have a look at a series of Sci-Fi book covers masterfully illustrated by Leonard Dupond.

Leonard Dupond is a French freelance illustrator who’s represented by Agent 002 in Europe and by Garance Illustration in North America. In recent years, he worked for a wide range of major clients including names such as Apple, Science Magazine, Arianespace, Wired, Buzzfeed, BETC, Publicis, Die Zeit, BMW, Usbek et Rica, Arte, etc.

Below you can see a selection of Science-Fiction book covers that he has illustrated the past two years, most of them were published by Pocket in France. For those who want to see more of Leonard Dupond’s creative work, just have a look at his portfolio on Behance or follow this talented illustrator on Instagram.

SCI-FI book cover illustrations by Leonard Dupond.
SCI-FI book cover illustrations by Leonard Dupond.

All images © by French illustrator Leonard Dupond. Do not hesitate to check out our popular Illustration category to find other inspiring work realized by amazing illustrators from all over the world.

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