Rylsee – Hand-Drawn Type Compositions

Handmade illustrations and typographic art by Rylsee.

Cyril Vouilloz better known as Rylsee is a visual artist, illustrator, and lettering geek originally from Geneva, Switzerland but currently based in Berlin, Germany. Cyril Vouilloz spent one year living in Vancouver, Canada where he worked as a designer at REDGATE. During this time he also gained experiences as curator and co-organizer for several exhibitions and cultural events. Over many years, he has worked for a wide range of both national and international brands on diverse branding and promotion projects as well as in-store display installations. Cyril Vouilloz is totally obsessed with words, letters, optical illusions, and hand-drawn type compositions. Please read more below the first image.

Optical illusion artwork made with ply-wood and painted with acrylic.
Optical illusion artwork made with ply-wood and painted with acrylic by Rylsee. The Berlin-based artist loves to experiment with typography and optical illusions.

Cyril Vouilloz’ creative work draws inspirations from all the things around him or even fleeting moments. His artworks have been exhibited in diverse countries such as Switzerland, France, USA, Germany, UK, Spain, Israel, Canada, and Brazil. Some fine examples can be found below. For more, please visit his website or follow him on Instagram: @rylsee

Too late to die young.
“Too late to die young” – this lettering was made for his t-shirt label: www.SNEEER.com
NIKE illustration
This NIKE illustration is part of o series of three pieces made for the brand.
Optical effect given by countless lines.
A nice optical effect given by countless lines. The artist spent hours drawing these lines.
Installation view.
An installation view at Affenfaust Galerie in Hamburg.
Paper glitch optical illusion.
Paper glitch optical illusion. Doesn’t look like, but this artwork was made from one single sheet of paper.
Typographic drawings.
Typographic drawings. Each letter was made 100% freehand.
Wood installation.
A wood installation made for an Urban Spree group show at LaVallée gallery in Brussels.

All images © by Cyril Vouilloz aka Rylsee. Find more creative work in our Art and Illustration categories. Both sections include a vivid selection of most inspiring work.