Rune Fisker Illustrations

Vivid and colorful illustrations by Rune Fisker.

Rune Fisker grew up in a rural countryside somewhere in Denmark. He discovered his passion for drawing quite early, which led him to become a professional illustrator and animator. Together with his brother Esben, he runs an animation studio named “Benny Box”. When he’s not working on any film or animation project, you can probably find him creating illustrations for a variety of projects ranging from personal artworks to commissioned work. Feel free to read more below the first artwork.

Illustration for fall catalog of office furniture company Bene.
an illustration made for fall catalog of office furniture company, Bene.

Rune’s illustrative work is characterized by a semi-abstract, surrealist, and colorful style. He skillfully combines geometric shapes with a variety of lines and bold colors. His artworks act like vivid images of subconscious scenes. Diverse characters and objects of distorted proportions seem to bridge the gap between fiction and reality. A few examples of his highly creative work can be found below. For those who want to see more of Rune Fisker’s colorful illustrations, please visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Bob’s first nightmare.
“Bob’s first nightmare”, an artwork made as self initiated project.
Illustration for The Atlantic made for the article Why Is Dating in the App Era Such Hard Work.
This illustration for The Atlantic was made for the article: “Why Is Dating in the App Era Such Hard Work.”
Illustration for the New York Observer, for an article titled Father Time.
Illustration for the New York Observer. It was made for an article titled “Father Time”.
The glass war – illustration by Rune Fisker.
“The glass war”, another semi-abstract illustration created by Rune Fisker.

All images © by Rune Fisker. Discover more outstanding work created by some of the world’s most talented illustrators on WE AND THE COLOR. Our Illustration category features a colorful mix of different work ranging from handmade drawings to modern computer graphics.

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