The Ridewell Typeface by Kostas Bartsokas

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Ridewell, a wood type inspired font by Kostas Bartsokas.

Kostas Bartsokas, a UK based type designer has created the Ridewell typeface in 2014. It’s a wood type inspired font that comes with lots of amazing OpenType features.

The typeface provides a beautifully designed letterpress vintage style with a warm and friendly touch. Ridewell includes two styles, a regular version and a coarsely printed, weathered style. Both versions are based on a full uppercase and lowercase set. The diversity of OpenType features make this font unique and expand each style into an extensive superset. Ridewell is equipped with more than 1800 glyphs per style. You can choose between different stylistic alternates (titling alternates in Adobe InDesign), contextual alternates, discretionary ligatures, ligatures, numerators, denominators, etc. The typographic possibilities seem endless. Ridewell’s character set supports Western, Central, and Eastern European languages. Both styles are available as web font as well as desktop font.

You can buy this wood type inspired font on MyFonts.

The Ridewell typeface by Kostas Bartsokas.
The Ridewell typeface by Kostas Bartsokas.
Characters and OpenType features.
Characters and OpenType features.
Ridewell, a wood type inspired typeface by Kostas Bartsokas.
Ridewell, a wood-type inspired typeface by Kostas Bartsokas.

This typeface is available for purchase on

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