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Peridot: A Multifaceted Gem in the World of Typography.

Peridot, designed by the talented duo Pria Ravichandran and Kostas Bartsokas, and published through Foundry5, is a true gem among sans-serif type systems. With its impressive range of features and unparalleled versatility, Peridot stands out as a high-quality 10-weight superfamily that caters to the needs of discerning designers across various typographic projects.

The most striking aspect of Peridot is its comprehensive selection of styles, with 6 different widths and slanted italics. This variety allows designers to experiment and play with typographic tones, adapting to different moods and contexts effortlessly. Whether you seek a bold and impactful look or a more refined and elegant feel, Peridot has got you covered.

The inclusion of variable format support adds another layer of flexibility to Peridot, empowering designers to fine-tune and customize the font to their exact specifications. This feature alone unlocks a world of creative possibilities, ensuring that the font can be tailored to fit any project perfectly.

Peridot Superfamily by Foundry5
Peridot Superfamily by Foundry5

What sets Peridot apart is its commitment to global inclusivity. With support for three scripts – Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic – and coverage of over 370 languages, Peridot truly embraces a diverse range of communication needs. It boasts all required localized variants, tabular numerals, currencies, fractions, and clever discretionary ligatures, making it suitable for a wide array of applications, from branding and corporate use to editorial, advertising, posters, web design, and screen usage.

With its impressive performance in varied environments, Peridot proves to be a reliable choice for any design project. Its adaptability and versatility make it an excellent choice for large-scale branding projects, eye-catching displays, impactful corporate materials, engaging editorial layouts, and captivating advertising campaigns. Moreover, it shines equally bright in digital realms, making it perfect for web design, screen usage, and other modern applications.

The comprehensive offering of 120 static fonts, family packages, and variable support ensures that Peridot caters to all your design needs without compromise. No matter the project size or complexity, Peridot provides a vast array of tools and options, making it a must-have addition to any designer’s collection.

In conclusion, Peridot stands out as a multifaceted sans-serif type system that exudes personality and charm. Its wide range of styles, combined with variable support, makes it an exciting typographic palette for designers to explore and unleash their creativity. Its extensive language and script support showcase a dedication to inclusivity and global reach. For any design project, be it print or digital, Peridot proves to be a reliable and exceptional choice, cementing its position as a true gem in the world of typography.

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