The enchanting Toggenburg mountain region has long been home to the “Klangweg” (Sound Trail), an immersive experience that blends the natural beauty of Switzerland with the evocative power of sound art. Each year, up to 50,000 visitors—families, nature lovers, music, and art enthusiasts alike—embark on this unique hiking trail, making it a celebrated destination far beyond Swiss borders.

In 2024, the Klangweg underwent a complete transformation, marking a new era for this beloved trail. Studio Marcus Kraft played a pivotal role in this modernization, contributing their expertise to the trail’s new visual and experiential identity. The project invited international sound artists to create diverse, interactive works that explore themes of nature, soundscape, ecology, climate, and mindfulness. These installations invite visitors to engage with their surroundings in new and profound ways.

Signage and wayfinding system for the Klangweg Toggenburg sound trail by Studio Marcus Kraft
Signage and wayfinding system for the Klangweg Toggenburg sound trail by Studio Marcus Kraft

The newly developed scenography and signage, a standout feature of this overhaul, employs a modular system featuring bright yellow steles and round stainless steel signs. This minimalist yet striking design serves not only to guide visitors but also to integrate seamlessly into the natural landscape. The signage draws inspiration from the familiar marker poles used on ski slopes and the orientation poles for snow plows on winter roads, grounding it in a local aesthetic while also evoking musical notes that seem to dance through the landscape like a living score.

The Sound Trail’s grand reopening was celebrated with a vibrant sound festival, including three evenings of concerts featuring internationally renowned musicians and a vernissage. Adding another layer to the experience, the Oberdorf chairlift introduced a “Soundride” developed by Idee und Klang. This innovative addition, accessible via an app, provides an audio-visual introduction and conclusion to the Klangweg, enriching the overall journey.

The Klangweg is open to the public free of charge from the end of May to the end of October, welcoming visitors to explore its wonders at their leisure.

This updated signage is a prelude to the new visual identity for Klangwelt Toggenburg, which Studio Marcus Kraft is currently developing and set to unveil towards the end of 2024. This rebranding will coincide with the grand opening of the Klanghaus in 2025, a state-of-the-art facility that promises to further enhance the region’s cultural and artistic landscape.


  • Artistic Director: Christian Zehnder
  • CEO Klangwelt: Mirjam Hadorn
  • Sound Scenography: Idee und Klang Audio Design
  • Scenography Space: Atelier Frank Dittmann
  • Signage & Graphic Design: Studio Marcus Kraft
  • Text: Bettina Mittelstraß
  • Custom Typeface: David Jonathan Ross
  • Project Management Klangcampus: Guy Loretan
  • Project Management Klangwelt: Kathrin Dörig, Edi Hartmann
  • Construction Supervision: Christian Gauer
  • Photography: Beat Belser, Marcus Kraft

Studio Marcus Kraft’s innovative and thoughtful design not only enhances the functionality and aesthetics of the Klangweg but also enriches the overall experience, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to connect with nature and art in a profound and meaningful way.

All images © by Studio Marcus Kraft. Feel free to find other inspiring projects in the Graphic Design and Branding categories on WE AND THE COLOR.