Rambling Muse – Lifestyle Blog Branding

A sophisticated lifestyle blog brand identity developed by Socio Design for Rambling Muse.

The days are over where you could simply sign up to WordPress and blast out well written articles to become a famous blogger. Today’s most successful blogs and web magazines have to use all common social networks including Facebook, Twitter, etc. Furthermore, a blog has to fit to today’s requirements in terms of SEO and mobile usability. Last but not least, if you want to succeed, you have to be outstanding in any way. A unique corporate design is indispensable to stay in people’s mind. In addition to lots of well written articles, you have to have your own visual language to stand out from the crowd of blogs, and here comes a fine example. Check out more below.

Rambling Muse, a London based lifestyle blog.
Rambling Muse, a London based lifestyle blog. With articles written by Clarisse Lehmann, the blog provides views of London’s vibrant life as well as views of other cities. In addition, Rambling Muse provides witty commentaries on diverse news, politics, recipes, and a variety of product features.

London based graphic design agency, Socio Design was asked to develop a new corporate identity for ‘Rambling Muse’, a lifestyle blog written by Clarisse Lehmann. Rambling Muse provides different views of London’s bustling city life including news from the fields of culture, politics, culinary delights up to a variety of product features. Having previously lived in New York City, Geneva, Tokyo, and Madrid, Clarisse Lehmann writes from the perspective of an outsider, which provided the main inspiration for the new corporate design. The creative team of Socio Design has created a logo with a little owl, a non-native species that was first introduced to the UK in the 19th century. Furthermore, an owl is known for a keen eye for observation. Socio Design’s work also included the development of a stationery set and a complete revision of the existing website. The sleek and modern layout of the blog is complimented by a range of commissioned illustrations from Damien Weighill. Have a look at the examples below or check out more of Socio Design’s graphic work on their website.

Socio Design was responsible for the visual identity.
Socio Design was responsible for the visual identity.
Identity guidelines.
The comprehensive identity guidelines include information on all logo versions, corporate colors, stationery, typeface and the overall use of typography.
Illustrator Damien Weighill has developed a set of simple iconography based on clean line graphics.
Blog design.
The blog design is based on a sleek and responsive layout.
The blog's mobile version.
This is the blog’s mobile version.