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Quiche, a high-contrast, sans serif font family featuring ball terminals and angled stems.

Designed by Adam Ladd, Quiche is an elegant font family consisting of 52 fashionable styles. Its design is based on a high-contrast, sans serif typeface featuring ball terminals and angled stems. Comprising 4 subfamilies (Display, Fine, Stencil, and Text), all subfamilies work harmoniously together. Quiche’s weights range from thin to black and all of them are accompanied by matching italics. You can use this beautiful font family for a variety of applications including print, web, branding, advertising, magazines, products, packaging, labels, just to name a few.

Characterized by its elegance and extreme contrast, the design is influenced by the serif Didone genre, but Adam Ladd removed the serifs for a more unique and modern expression. Just click on one of the following links to learn more about all features of this beautiful font family.

Quiche Font Family
Quiche Font Family

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