Highly creative poster artworks designed on a daily basis by Magdiel Lopez.

Some of you will already know Vasjen Katro’s Baugasm poster project. He has been featured on WE AND THE COLOR two months ago. Here comes another creative guy who challenges himself on a daily basis. Just like Vasjen Katro, Magdiel Lopez manages to create one unique poster design a day. Until now, his body of work includes a range of excellent pieces and this article showcases some of his outstanding creations.

Originally from Cuba, Magdiel Lopez is a graphic designer and creative director who lives and works in Dallas, Texas. For several years, he has been working on countless projects ranging from brand identities to conceptual artworks and environmental design. His attempt to create a poster every day for an entire year has emerged from his passion for design and the constant endeavor to improve his creative skills. Just check out our small selection below. For those of you who want to see more of the posters, feel free to visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Magdiel Lopez poster design, Norma IV
Norma IV
Magdiel Lopez poster design, Complicated
Magdiel Lopez poster design, Davidido
Magdiel Lopez poster design, Far Away
Far Away
Magdiel Lopez poster design, Frame
Magdiel Lopez poster design, Illusions
Magdiel Lopez poster design, In God We Trust
In God We Trust
Magdiel Lopez poster design, In The Blood
In The Blood

All images © by Magdiel Lopez. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring graphic design on


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