Italian illustrator and art director Marianna Tomaselli created this vintage-inspired collection of illustrations for Portofino Dry Gin.

Marianna Tomaselli, based in Milan, Italy, loves to use shapes and composition to create a concise and cohesive visual language in her illustrations. Marianna’s portfolio includes commissioned work for magazines, advertising campaigns, and video animations.

Below you can see three vintage-inspired images created by Marianna Tomaselli for Portofino Dry Gin. You can see more of Marianna Tomaselli’s work on her website or follow her creative journey on Behance.

Portofino Gin Vintage Collection by Marianna Tomaselli
Portofino Gin Vintage Collection by Marianna Tomaselli

All images © by Marianna Tomaselli. Do not hesitate to browse through the Illustration category on WE AND THE COLOR.

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