Pensum Font Family from TypeMates

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Pensum Pro, a new text font from TypeMates for highly professional needs.

The Pensum font family was designed in 2016 by Nils Thomsen, a German type designer and co-founder of foundry TypeMates. The straight and plain serif typeface is intended for only one thing, extensive editorial use! Pensum Pro offers exactly what you expect from a purebred text font. Due to its meticulously precise kerning as well as Pensum’s sharp curves and lines, this typeface performs very well in any text length and font size. Especially the strong but low contrast serifs ensure an excellent reading experience in magazines and books. This highly legible text font is equipped with 9 weights ranging from Thin to Black plus curvy and strongly ink trapped italics (available in each weight). Feel free and read more below or click on the following link.

You can get the full family on MyFonts.

Pensum text font from TypeMates.
The Pensum text font from TypeMates.

The Pensum font family, a true workhorse with an elegant twist for lovers of text fonts.

The full family consists of 1050 glyphs including a variety of typographic features and diverse lining options. Its thin styles provide an elegant fashionable look, while the bold and black weights offer the robustness of a rock. Pensum’s slightly smoother italics are a great choice for short quotes. Due to the use of Adobe Latin 3 encoding, the complete family provides maximum of flexibility with regard to Latin language support. You can get the family as both desktop font and webfont. For additional information, feel free and follow the link below.

The complete family is available for purchase here.

A typeface with sexy, curvy and strongly ink trapped italic shapes.
A typeface with sexy, curvy and strongly ink trapped italic shapes.
9 weights and diverse typographic features.
9 weights and diverse typographic features.

This new text font from German foundry TypeMates is available for purchase on MyFonts.

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