Party Edition Custom Scene Generator

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With these mock-ups you can create your own party scenes in minutes!

Here comes another useful scene generator for Adobe Photoshop. Packed with numerous isolated objects, this set will help you to create stunning party scenes in minutes. No matter what you are working on, event invitations or any other celebratory design, now you can make it in just a few simple steps. For additional information, just follow the link below.

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This is the party edition custom scene generator by Román Jusdado.
This is the party edition custom scene generator by Román Jusdado.

So this is what you get.

  • More than 160 isolated objects are included as PSD and PNG files.
  • Each item is available in 10 color versions (PNG files).
  • The download pack also includes 6 premade scenes (PSD files).
  • Choose between two resolutions: Standard = 72 dpi or High = 300 dpi.

You can easily add your content via smart objects, customize colors or reorganize layers and folders. All objects and shadows have their own layers. An instruction PDF will help you to get started. For further details, feel free and follow the link below.

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This pack comes with lots of features.
This pack supports lots of Photoshop features. Items indicated with a ‘+’ symbol will have a smart-object allowing you to add or edit your own content. Items indicated with a ‘c’ symbol will allow you to edit the color using the Photoshop color picker. Every object in your scene has it’s own unique shadow which will change its direction depending upon the object’s rotation. You can also easily change the direction of the light across the entire scene all at once with global light from Photoshop. Each item is carefully photographed at the highest resolution of 300 dpi. For better results, all items come in two resolutions: high and standard. A high resolution is better for print products while standard is based on 72 dpi, which works best for web design or small applications.

The full pack is available for purchase on Creative Market.