Discover a handpicked selection of sophisticated design created by Chae Byungrok of CBR Graphic.

Chae Byungrok is an excellent graphic designer who lives and works in Seoul, Korea. After studying graphic design under Koichi Sato at Tama Art University in Japan, he has established his own studio named CBR Graphic. His vivid work is characterized by a variety of visual languages with a focus on solution-oriented concepts and eye-catching expression. He enjoys to experiment with different graphic interpretations, abstractions and a variety of techniques. His poster designs serve as striking key mediums. Chae Byungrok often collaborates with various cultural organisations and corporations. In addition, he teaches typography and graphic expressions in universities. Some of his graphic designs can be found below. For those of you who want to see more of Chae Byungrok’s work, please visit his website.

Chae Byungrok - CBR Graphic, Exhibition of Greeting Cards 2013
Exhibition of Greeting Cards 2013. “Exhibition Poster for 2013 New Years greeting and Christmas card created by a group of students majoring in Graphic at Tama Art University. Embodied the “Chinese Year of the Snake” and shape of the Snake into Chinese character “福” (Meaning Luck and Fortune).”
Chae Byungrok - CBR Graphic, 2017 Lunar’s New Year Greeting’s Card
2017 Lunar’s New Year Greeting’s Card
Chae Byungrok - CBR Graphic, Advertising Academy
Advertising Academy. “Graphic works for the Annual Education Guidance held at Kobaco. The letters ‘adedu’ were graphically expressed to show flexible movement.”
Chae Byungrok - CBR Graphic, Gold–Symbol of Eternity
“With the main theme, “Gold–Symbol of Eternity,” the cultural products of national museums have portrayed the symbolic nature of gold crowns and jewelry in abstract form through the three Chinese characters- “King” (王), “Brilliance” (華), and “Wealth” (富). The characters are then combined with graphics inspired by the shape and pattern of the given artifact, to create various everyday articles. This is a new way of interpreting the importance of national museums’ collections by combining the contemporary everyday life, with the sophisticated cultures of the Three States that revered gold as the symbol of sanctity and eternity.”
Chae Byungrok - CBR Graphic, Growing Poster
Growing Poster. “Poster for the works exhibited by graduate students of graphic design, who studied under Koichi Sato of Tama Art University. Research works along with works made after developing as a graphic designer were exhibited. A spring being a flexible object, was used in typography to represent the diversity and flexibility of graphic expressions.”
Chae Byungrok - CBR Graphic, National Intangible Heritage Center Performance
National Intangible Heritage Center Performance. “Pamphlet designed for the March and April performance held by the National Intangible Heritage Center. Long sleeve extensions (called ‘Hansam’) used by court dancers were taken as motive and used as graphic expression, together with typography.”
Chae Byungrok - CBR Graphic, NEMAF - 3-dimensional typhography under the theme of New media video
NEMAF – 3-dimensional typhography under the theme of New media video.
Chae Byungrok - CBR Graphic, VIDAK,The Umbrellas Exhibition
VIDAK,The Umbrellas Exhibition. “Poster and catalogue of VIDAK for ‘The Umbrellas exhibition’ by Leung Creations and VIDAK. Inspired by Korean nursery rhyme “우산셋이 나란히”.”

All images © by Chae Byungrok of CBR Graphic.