Learn to upcycle vintage furniture with different painting techniques.

This is an online course by furniture artist Chloe Kempster. From wax to paintbrushes, students will take a look at the different materials needed for the online course. Then they will discover how to find the perfect vintage furniture piece for upcycling by taking into account the materials it is made from as well as its condition, and more. Chloe Kempster demonstrates various painting techniques before telling their students how to create a mood board and choose a color scheme for their unique vintage furniture designs. Thereafter, she will teach us how to prepare all these different furniture pieces for painting and how to use chalk paint to achieve a one-color paint effect. But that’s not enough, students will discover the possibilities of waxing for protecting their furnishings and intensifying their colors. Chloe also demonstrates how to achieve an ombré effect with furniture using multiple colors before adding botanical details to the surface. In the end, we will learn how to add finishing touches to our furniture pieces to make them both functional and stunning.

In 14 lessons, you will learn to upcycle a vintage piece of furniture using a variety of hand-painted techniques. This online course is for anyone interested in furniture upcycling. The course is also ideal for all people with a passion for interior design and sustainability. Just click on the following link to learn more.

Upcycling Vintage Furniture with Painting Techniques
Upcycling Vintage Furniture with Painting Techniques

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