Surreal and satirical concept art by Sergey Kolesov.

Those of you who don’t know Sergey Kolesov yet, you definitely have to check out his amazing drawings! Sergey Kolesov is currently working as senior concept artist at Arkane Studios in Lyon, France. Inspired by Science-Fiction and otherworldly scenes, he creates amazing character illustrations and stills for both personal projects and upcoming video games. His drawings often have a surreal and highly satirical touch. This master of concept art truly knows how to create eye-catching visuals that stay in mind. A handpicked selection of different sketches and artworks can be found below. For more, please visit Sergey Kolesov’s portfolio on Behance.

Sergey Kolesov, Little black dress.
Little black dress.
Sergey Kolesov, Apparently it's stable.
Apparently it’s stable.
Sergey Kolesov, Happy Russian Year.
Happy Russian Year.
Sergey Kolesov, Tight research.
Tight research.
Sergey Kolesov, Nymph.
Nymph. Funny character illustrations and concept art.
Sergey Kolesov, Red door.
Red door. Hilarious drawings for personal and commercial projects.
Sergey Kolesov, Reversed gravity.
Reversed gravity – surreal concept art created by Sergey Kolesov.

All images © by Sergey Kolesov. Are you looking for more inspiring work? Feel free to have a look at our extensive Illustration category. The section includes a wide variety of different work ranging from handmade drawings to digital paintings created by some of the most talented illustrators from all over the world. WE AND THE COLOR is your source for the daily dose of creative inspiration!


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