A Night Out in Seoul, a beautiful illustration series created by Coen Pohl.

Coen Pohl is a Dutch freelance illustrator and graphic designer who lives and works in Amsterdam. Made as a personal project, “A Night Out in Seoul” is a lovely illustrated series of prints that show a typical night out in Seoul. Besides his passion for the Korean nightlife, the aim of the project was to explore different styles and color combinations. The series consists of 4 posters. Additional information about each illustration can be found below. To see more of Coen Pohl’s creative work, just have a look at his portfolio on Behance.

Korean BBQ, Coen Pohl illustration.
Coen Pohl’s evening in Soul usually starts with a Korean BBQ. It always comes with a nice variety of side dishes. Since his first visit to Korea, this has become his favorite dinner meal. Coen especially enjoys the whole ceremony, just being together with friends around the grill.
Soju, Coen Pohl illustration.
Soju is known as the most popular alcoholic beverage in South Korea.
Karaoke Rooms, Coen Pohl illustration.
Karaoke Rooms, sometimes fun, sometimes very embarrassing.
Soft rice and fish cake with very spicy sauce.
떡볶이 is soft rice and fish cake with very spicy sauce. You can get it alongside the road with spicy sauces.

All images © by Coen Pohl. Check out inspiring more illustrations here.


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