New York City Skyline Redesigned

In an exclusive collection, diverse Curioos artists have redesigned the iconic New York City skyline.

Curioos is a digital online art marketplace based in New York City. As a tribute to this vibrant and inspiring metropolis, they have hand-selected an exclusive group of global artists from all over the world to whip up and reimagine the NYC Skyline as they see it within their own eyes. The exclusive collection includes a diverse mix of unique artworks ranging from delicate collages to illustrations and photo manipulations. Please read more below the first image.

New York City Women, a collage by Laura Redburn.
New York City Women, a collage created by Cardiff, United Kingdom based mixed media artist Laura Redburn.

The iconic NYC skyline brought to life.

Curioos has cooperated with international artists such as Laura Redburn, Remko Heemskerk, Yoni Alter, Luis Dilger, Antonio Mora, and others. All these artists have created unique interpretations based on different feelings, thoughts, memories, and desires. Laura Redburn for example is a Cardiff, United Kingdom based mixed media artist. Her collage seems to bring this famous skyline to life with a lovely vintage feel in pastel colors. Or let’s talk about Antonio Mora – the Spanish digital artist has created a monochromatic photo manipulation that conveys a dreamy and nostalgic feel. Each work is available exclusively on Curioos in different sizes and options. The full collection features such a diversity of creative outpourings. It is fascinating how this famous skyline can inspire artists in so many different ways. Check out all of the artworks at Curioos.

New York City On My Mind, a fine art print by Antonio Mora.
New York City On My Mind, a fine art print by Spanish digital artist Antonio Mora.

Images © by Curioos. Feel free to discover more stunning work in our Art and Illustration categories. On WE AND THE COLOR you can find a wide range of most inspiring artworks. WE AND THE COLOR is your source for the daily dose of creative inspiration!


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