Paintings by artist Robert Szot are currently on view at Anita Rogers Gallery in Downtown NYC.

From September 7 – October 15, 2022, Anita Rogers Gallery presents Special Music, a solo show of paintings and works on paper by Robert Szot. Special Music is Robert Szot’s largest exhibition to date. It is the culmination of more than 20 years as a working artist in New York City, and more recently, in Los Angeles as well.

“Szot approaches his paintings without preconceived notions or strict plans – he follows the work where it takes him, choosing to let color and composition inform him as opposed to bringing information to the work. There is a clear rigor to his methodologies, with obvious evidence of searching combined with a willingness to destabilize, utilizing risk and chaos to reach sometimes elusive conclusions. He chooses colors intuitively, ignoring traditional tenets of color theory and more academic approaches to making art – the result is work that surprises, energizes, and transcends. Compositions come together to form images both harmonious and intrinsically moving, rewarding the viewer with a story that unfolds slowly in more personal and lasting ways. Combining variety with clear authorship, the artist’s goal is one of deep storytelling through communication in a visual language shared commonly among us. The works on paper follow, to a large extent, the same processes. Study of color and line, the smudged pastel, and the ink, allows a rare and intimate closeness between viewer, artist, and object. Taken together, the new body of paintings and mixed media paperworks form a major exhibition that highlights the achievements of an artist dedicated to his craft, one diligently moving forward with purpose albeit often into the unknown.” — Anita Rogers Gallery

For further information, just visit the gallery website.

Robert Szot Exhibition: Special Music in Downtown NYC
Installation photos of Robert Szot: Special Music (2022) at 494 Greenwich Street, New York. Photography by Jon-Paul Rodriguez

All images © by Anita Rogers Gallery and Jon-Paul Rodriguez. Do not hesitate to browse through our Art category for more inspiring work from around the globe.

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