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René Bieder is a German font designer who lives and works in Berlin. After ten years with Monotype ( as his main distributor, René Bieder launched his own online shop today on the first of September in 2022. For the launch, there are six complete revisions of his most successful typefaces (Neue Campton, Neue Galano, Neue Rational, etc). These fonts will be available for purchase exclusively in the new online shop (

Later on in October, another collection of eight new font families will be released on a monthly basis. For the release of the typefaces, René Bieder has collaborated with a select range of internationally renowned graphic design studios to offer eight posters that will be printed as limited editions and will be available free of charge for licensing the respective family package. Below you can already see three of them.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the new online shop, the posters, and the new fonts by René Bieder.

Exklusive Typo Poster by Rene Bieder
Exklusive Typo Poster by Rene Bieder
Exklusive Typo Poster by Rene Bieder

All images © by René Bieder. Do not hesitate to browse through our Fonts category to find other trending typefaces for different creative needs.

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