Naïve Inline Sans from La Goupil Paris

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Naïve Inline Sans Font Family.

Today I want to introduce you to Naïve Inline Sans, the youngest offspring of French type foundry La Goupil Paris. Font designer Fanny Coulez has created this beautifully designed handwritten font family. Naïve Inline Sans includes three weights (Light, Medium, and Bold) plus three filling versions consisting of two striped versions (Dia, Half) and a completely filled version. You can enhance your lettering with nice bicolor effects and different fillings. Naïve Inline Sans is a great handwritten display font family for signage, book covers, and invitations. Its lovely handmade look in combination with the straigt shape of a sans serif font will definitely attract attention.

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Naïve Inline Sans Font Family from La Goupil Paris
Naïve Inline Sans Font Family from La Goupil Paris
Naive Inline Sans - Type Samples
Naive Inline Sans – Type Samples

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