Museo Sans Display Fonts for Striking Headlines

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Museo Sans Display fonts with 5 extra weights for headlines.

Museo Sans Display is an extension to the Museo Sans font family. Typeface designer Jos Buivenga has created these 5 new weights for the use in eye catching headlines and titles. These display fonts include the following weights: Hairline, Extra Light, Light as well as Black and Extra Black. You can see, Museo Sans Display includes very thin and very thick typefaces, which work perfectly in particularly large font sizes. The Museo Sans Display fonts are based on the same clear proportions we know from the normal Museo Sans font family. Museo Sans Display has the exact same font specifications and supports the same languages.

These 5 new display fonts will help you to create particularly flashy headlines, whether extra thick or extra thin. The Museo Sans Display fonts are available as web and desktop version.

Museo Sans Display is available for purchase on

Museo Sans Display Fonts
Museo Sans Display Fonts
Museo Sans Display - 5 new extra weights for headlines
Museo Sans Display – 5 new extra weights for headlines

You can get Museo Sans Display on

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