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Dry Lights – Experimental Film

Dry Lights, an experimental short film by Xavier Chassaing. The Toronto based independent filmmaker Xavier Chassaing has created this experimental film using virtual site-specific installations...

Museo Sans Display Fonts for Striking Headlines

Museo Sans Display fonts with 5 extra weights for headlines. Museo Sans Display is an extension to the Museo Sans font family. Typeface designer Jos...

Malina Monoline Typeface

Malina, a sans-serif monoline font. Type designer Thanarat Vachiruckul developed the Malina font for foundry Katatrad in 2014. It's an elegant sans-serif monoline typeface. Malina's...

Gloriola Font Family from Suitcase Type Foundry

Gloriola - Sans Serif Type Family. Gloriola is not an ordinary sans serif family. Font designer Tomáš Brousil of Suitcase Type Foundry created a typeface...

Plexus No. 19 – Installation by Gabriel Dawe

Plexus no. 19 Installation. Gabriel Dawe is an artist who creates installations with colorful ribbons in different spaces. The installations seem like huge fragmented rays...

Light Shadow Art by Kumi Yamashita

Outstanding Art Inspiration. Clever light-shadow installations by New York-based artist Kumi Yamashita. The artist is using a single light source for his artistic shadow installations.

WireShade Lighting by Marc Trotereau

WireShade Lighting. Marc Trotereau, a London-based designer has created the beautiful WireShade lighting. "The wireshade project is an interpretation of the making and the use of...

Illustration by Neil Webb

Stunning Graphic Illustration Art Designed by artist and illustrator Neil Webb.

LED Woods Furniture Bright woods collection furniture

Bright woods collection furniture. Designed by Giancarlo Zema of the Avanzini Group.