Discover creative movie posters created by Chungkong.

Chungkong, a talented Dutch graphic designer, has a deep appreciation for movies. Despite working hard on creating brand identities and advertisements for clients, he spends his free time pursuing his passion for creating movie posters. Over the years, he has crafted over 1,300 minimalist movie posters, showcasing his unique ability to capture the essence of each film. Chungkong’s posters are visually striking, featuring clean and simple imagery that immediately invokes the spirit of the movie. The posters primarily focus on the central imagery, with the director and title at the top and a memorable quote from the film at the bottom. His collection boasts a range of films, from beloved classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Bullitt to modern hits like La La Land and Everything Everywhere All at Once.

He revealed that what started as a peculiar yet enjoyable pastime a few years ago has now become a full-blown addiction. It has gotten so bad that he can no longer watch a movie without imagining what his minimal movie poster would look like. Chungkong’s designs are incredibly attractive due to their bold, striking graphics. Take a look at some of our top picks below and keep an eye out as Chungkong adds more to his extensive collection.

Graphic Minimal Movie posters by Chungkong
Graphic Movie posters by Chungkong

All images © by Chungkong. Check out other inspiring work in the Illustration category on WE AND THE COLOR.

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