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Montebello, a cursive script and Art Deco sans font collection designed by Ian Barnard.

Ian Barnard’s Montebello font collection is inspired by the relaxed feeling you have when laying on the beach. Just think of sipping on a chilled cocktail while feeling the warm sand between your feet. The complete collection consists of 4 styles: Montebello Script, Montebello Sans, Script Textured, and Sans Rounded. Check out more information below or click on the following link to get the family for low budget on Creative Market.

You can get the typefaces here.

Montebello font collection by Ian Barnard.
Montebello font collection by Ian Barnard.

This is what you get.

As already mentioned, the type collection includes 4 styles that can be mixed easily. The basic script version is based on a monoline cursive typeface, which is easy to read. The sans style draws inspiration from Art Deco designs. With its low contrast, it perfectly fits to the script version. Script Textured adds a grungy look to the standard script version. Sans Rounded has been designed to give the basic sans version a softer appearance.

All included typefaces can be combined in multiple ways to create stylish designs for posters, packaging, clothing, signage, and much more. The typefaces are included as OTF, TTF and web fonts. For additional information, just follow the link below.

Do not hesitate to download the family here.

Montebello font collection - characters.
Montebello font collection – all characters.
Clean vs textured version.
Clean vs textured version.
Regular vs rounded version.
Regular vs rounded version.
Printed mugs.
Example of use: Printed mugs.
Cap hipster front print.
Example of use: Cap hipster front print.
Coffee business cards.
Example of use: Coffee business cards.
Lighthouse illustration.
Example of use: Lighthouse illustration.
Quotes and prints.
Example of use: Quotes and prints.

Feel free to purchase the type family for little money on Creative Market.

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