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Take a look at Monarque, an elegant font family that has been crafted with fine details.

Created by Jessika Granell of The Paper Town, Monarque is a typeface of sophistication, designed with extraordinary attention to detail. With this font, your typography will be unlike any other and sure to captivate viewers.

With its large x-height, high stroke contrast, rounded curves, and long sharp serifs, this typeface creates a dramatic look that will make any message stand out with elegance. The italics have been designed to work in harmony with the roman for an even more striking composition. It also includes many uppercase ligatures which ensure legibility when used as part of a line or sentence. Originally created exclusively for all-caps use only; it is now much more versatile and can be put to effective use in multiple contexts.

Designed with plenty of OpenType features, Monarque maximizes typographical quality and makes the text more legible. The family features a range of options such as stylistic alternatives, contextual replacements, discretionary and standard ligatures, old-style figures (numeral formatting), small caps fonts that retain their original form when all letters in the word are capitalized; along with case-sensitive forms.

Boasting five weights and supporting over 200 Latin-based languages, the Monarque type family is robust and capable of working in an array of formats such as editorial design, branding, magazines, logos – you name it! This versatile font collection has a total of ten fonts for any project imaginable. Just click on one of the following links to get further information.

Below you can see a few images of the Monarque typeface.

Monarque font family by The Paper Town
Monarque font family by The Paper Town

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