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Keep your design fresh and download the Modern Fonts Bundle!

Some fonts convey the right emotion or message more than others. Some are appropriate for a certain event, while others can inject a vibrant and fun touch to designs. And many people associate certain font styles with certain assumptions. For instance, a study found that diners who received menus written in fancy fonts deemed that the chef had more skills compared to those whose menus displayed simpler fonts. Whatever industry you are in, you need an array of fonts that can help you get your brand message across. Showcasing well-curated fonts and design assets, Pixelo offers special bundles that can be used across different industries.

Pixelo currently presents a new collection, The Modern Fonts Bundle. Featuring a total of 89 unique fonts, the bundle showcases creations from the leading font creators worldwide. These premium design assets are ideal for invitations, menus, headings, branding materials, packaging and so much more. If you are after a contemporary look for your projects, these modern font styles will give you that edge. The bundle is a treasure trove of stylish fonts. With The Modern Fonts Bundle, the design possibilities are endless! All the fonts in the collection have an extended use license, which means you can use these design assets over an unlimited number of commercial or personal projects. With a one-time purchase, you get a permanent download link for all these fonts. And should you have any issues with your bundle, Pixelo has a reliable customer support service and quick response system for all your concerns.

The Modern Fonts Bundle is worth more than $960, but today you can still get the limited time discount, bringing down the price to just $29!

Head to their website and download the bundle.

Modern Fonts Bundle from Pixelo
Modern Fonts Bundle from Pixelo

The bundle is available for just a very limited time here.

What’s inside The Modern Fonts Bundle?

Here are some of the unique and quality fonts included in this bundle:

Anthemi Font Duo

Anthemi Font Duo by Pineungtype features fun and dynamic curves that are unpredictable and yet make a lot of sense. Reminiscent of a pen marker scribble, this font is quirky but still clean. It’s ideal for quotes, logos, and headlines that need to stand out.


Another offering from Pineungtype, Hatthira is proof that script doesn’t always have to look old-fashioned or even charming. With the addition of dotted endpoints in each letter, what might have been a typical handwritten script style suddenly becomes edgy, minimalist and chic.


This design is from MissinkLab Studio, and it features an italicized handwritten script style with sensual curves and elongated tails for certain letters. This one’s perfect for wedding invitations, quotes, and headers that need a feminine touch.


Also from MissinkLab Studio, this font is as fancy as they come. Featuring a modern calligraphy style with elongated tails and lush strokes, this font is luxurious without being too fussy. It’s still completely readable, ideal for headings and fashion elements.


This font is undoubtedly one of the more feminine fonts in this bundle, with wide and thin strokes that give it a light and natural hand-drawn look. This font by MissinkLab Studio works perfectly for any design project that calls for a dainty aesthetic.


Partly script and partly print, this font has rich, bold letters that have zero slants but plenty of panache. Like a neat version of marker pen writing with a touch of flair on the tips, this font style will work for blogs, product branding, and events styling.


Another unique offering from MissinkLab Studio, this font adds a contemporary touch with the reckless streaks of its hand-written script style. If you want to add a bit of edginess to your designs, this font is the way to go.

Sallyh Alotah & Illustrations

This font features meandering script strokes that are bold and eclectic. The naturalness of the letter curves is accentuated by fun drawings, which include leaves, balloons, butterflies and more.

Font quality is so important to the overall impact of your design. The Modern Fonts Bundle adds contemporary details to various designs. With loads of fonts to choose from, you can take your pick and find what’s perfect for your purpose.

Purchase the bundle and enjoy the fabulous discount.