Minimalist Graphic Design by Multi-Disciplinary Studio Artiva

Minimalist Graphic Design by Artiva.

Did you hear about Artiva Design? It’s an Italian multi-disciplinary studio dedicated to graphic design, branding, and communication design. Artiva is based in Genoa and was founded in 2003 by the two graphic designers Daniele De Batté and Davide Sossi. Both have many years of experience in the fields of art direction, brand development, printmaking, typography, editorial and book design, packaging design, exhibition design, and digital media including web design.

Their graphic work shows the beauty of simplicity caused by the presence or absence of geometric elements, shapes, and objects. Many of their minimalist graphic design projects were made only in black and white colors with the use of a grid system. The collection below includes different works from a variety of  minimalist graphic design projects created by studio Artiva during the last years.

Minimalist Graphic Design by Artiva
Minimalist Graphic Design by Artiva


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